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About Us

What ?

How many times have you found that the short poem you posted on Facebook or Twitter was copied by someone else without giving you credit as its creator? Haven’t we all felt violated as a writer when somebody copied our work without acknowledgment? Now no more of that hassle..

Post everything you write on Penmyth and we broadcast them as pictures instead of text, preventing plagiarism and making it super-easy to crosspost on different social media platforms be it Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or Whatsapp.

Use Penmyth as a journal for it saves your effort and create a stunning portfolio of your work that the world loves. Just keep writing and see how your words make you famous !

Why ?

1. Solving Writer’s Problem

Gone are those days when you needed to be famous to get quoted. Your words are as important as that of Donald Trump. Actually, yours are far more important! Don’t let your creativity get lost and stolen in the noise of social media. Join Penmyth and turn your quotes timeless and accessible by broadcasting them as pictures instead of text.

2. Solving Reader’s Problem

Blogs are so 90s. Twitter & Facebook are so 2000s. In the age of Instagram and Snapchat, your writing portfolio needs to look stunning, readable and beautiful. That’s where we come in. Put all your microblogs, short stories, tiny tales, tweets, poems and verses on beautiful wallpapers and cross post across social media. Then see how your readers adore your work !!!

3. Solving Business’ Problem

You have Behance or Dribbble for discovering designers to hire, but tell me what do you have to discover writers? Blogs are individualistic, Twitter is laden with trolls and newsmakers, Tumblr is too heavy as a product. As a business where do you hire writers from? Do you read their blogs? Really? Let us solve your problem. Find catchy content writers on Penmyth !!!


I grew up in New Delhi city, India. a CS student, entrepreneur by pressure, but i really loved it and reader by heart.

Payal Agarwal
Co-founder & CEO

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