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She pulls me in close.
I lose sense of whose body heat is whose.
I throw the covers over my back and slide my arms under hers.
I kiss her gently and can feel her smile on my lips.
and finally I whisper,

“How does that make you feel?”

she said : “Protected.”

She takes her careful hands, and
She runs them up the back of my neck, through the roots of my hair.
She holds my hair firmly.
and finally she whispers,

“How does this make you feel?”

i said : “Excited.”

I kiss her and slide my arms out from under hers.
I take her wrists and thrust them over her head,
I smother her open palms with mine.
She braids her fingers naturally with mine.
She bites her lip, and starting kissing me wildly , called “WILD KISS ”

and again she whispers : how does that make you feel?”

“ Naughty.”

I melt into her,
She melts into me,
And our words melt too.

याद हैं तुम्हें |

आ जाओ वापिस, फिर से करते हैं सब । इस बार नहीं रोकूंगा । याद आ रही हैं तुम्हारी ।



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